Most Integrated System in the World?

11 12 2009

Basically, the IBM i (OS/400 i5) is the most integrated, some say psychotic, computer system ever built. With it you can set up LPARs from which to independently serve and/or process different types of information and/or address different domain spaces using AIX, Linux and/or native OS/400 images. It allows direct access of centralized data in the native database file system, PC file system, UNIX file system, optical file system, and other file systems from the native OS/400, PASE (AIX bind) or Windows Server interfaces. It provides system access via green screen, graphical interface, web centric interface and others. It allows running legacy and new COBOL and RPG applications along side of JAVA and PHP applications.

What system could be more integrated? The internet! IBM i systems, along with other systems, provide users with unbelievable power, flexibility and interconnectivity and they all integrate via the internet. How can you provide services to and receive services from customers, venders, government agencies, web portals, etc. without compromising your systems integrity? As demonstrated in the news this past week, not even the US Government is immune to compromise.

There is hope and in the coming weeks I plan to provide some helpful insight. Being an IBM i bigot, you can bet that IBM i will be included in the discussions.




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