MFT, Automation and Integration is so much fun, that we decided to share our views, expertise and news around modernizing, managing and automating infrastructures.

What is MFT and Why is it Important?

Transferring files has become a critical business issue as companies are facing compliance and audit requirements and increasingly strict regulations. Some companies using a secure FTP solution, scripts and multiple fragmented solutions realize this is no longer sufficient.

A secure Managed File Transfer solution enables companies to transfer large files or sensitive data within an organization or externally without the risk of data breaches or incomplete transfers. This blog will explore news and trends around intelligent file transfer for securing communications inside and outside your business.

Infrastructure Automation and Job Scheduling is our business!

Many organizations face the problem of integrating disparate job schedulers throughout their IT infrastructure. This complex job scheduling environment reduces the efficiency of IT processes, while increasing overhead, maintenance and resource expenses.   Too many organizations need to support legacy platforms, automation and integration requirements and trends in SOA, mainframe modernization and process scheduling will be a key content theme here as well.


One response

24 05 2010
Mister Reiner

I think it would be helpful to depict some sample MFT hardware configurations between one or more business partners, so that people can visualize how all of this is going to work and why it’s more secure than what people are doing now in terms of protecting a company’s computing assets.

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