Mobile Insecurity: Going mobile may mean a threat to your infrastructure

31 07 2009

The recent Forbe’s article highlights security issues with smart phones.   The annual Blackhat security conference seems to be focusing on the issues with mobile phones and the threats, below is an excerpt:

While cyber criminals have not yet widely exposed mobile security flaws–F-Secure’s Hypponen says the security community has found only 486 malware examples to date–researchers stressed that it’s important to identify the potential problems early on. The fact that mobile devices are used for personal and financial information, that flaws are often consistent across millions of devices and that mobile devices are harder to patch, makes a compelling case why mobile security should be a big concern for businesses and consumers.

One of the biggest challenges in IT is managing mobile devices, the interface with email systems and how to move sensitive data across the cloud.  What’s your strategy?  It seems that more and more people are integrating work and life and the mobile device is where it is all converging acording to John Hering:

Mobile devices, in my opinion, are the most personal computer–it’s kind of an extension of yourself,” says Hering. “So as sensitive as your desktop is, your mobile device is going to be more sensitive.