The Cloud and You

8 11 2009

Mobile computing, cloud based capabilities and the ability to extend your access is now unparralelled.  Tim O’reilly’s take on the emerging internet operating system is spot on.


Managed File Transfer in the Cloud Requires Encryption and Highly Secure Operations

3 11 2009

With recent about DoS attacks on cloud MFT providers Boaz Gelboard provides some great feedback and his principles align with our goals of enabling easy to use file secure file transfer.  From Gelboard’s piece:

Managed file transfer companies help people get around limits on the size of email attachments. If you are sending a 2GB file, email is just not an option. Fedexing a DVD is a royal pain and makes you look about as tech-savvy as a government agency that still insists on receiving faxes. This has given rise to a large managed file transfer market, which includes vendors like Accellion, Axway, Globalscape, and many others….

It is clear Boaz understands the space, but need to disagree with his follow on comment:

Encryption at rest is probably overkill for services that are used to transfer large video files that are either not particularly confidential or are only confidential for a short period of time.

Brand information, promotional materials and other “only confidential for a short period of time” information still requires encryption at rest, just as much as PCI or HIPAA protected personal healthcare information.  After all, company’s intellectual property or brand execution is the functional equivelant of PHI and PCI information for a corporation.