Managed File Transfer: Not Just a FTP/sFTP Replacement

5 04 2010

Most seasoned IT support staff think of file transfer as a method of moving data between the mainframes of different companies. However, the scope and challenges involved have become much more complex, and accordingly, the space has become segmented.

  • B2B Transfers – This segment has grown tremendously as Web-based protocols have enabled companies to connect all their business partners without the need for dedicated lines, replacing transfers originally performed by exchanging physical media via courier or fax.
  • Internal File Transfers – With the advent of distributed computing, when some business applications moved away from the mainframe or were supplemented with server-based applications, the need arose to transport data in bulk to server-based applications for processing. Often, this need was addressed with free tools such as FTP/sFTP. However, while these tools were cost-effective and solved an immediate problem, little focus was given to the security and reliance these solutions could provide and to the bigger picture of the IT infrastructure.
  • Ad hoc File Transfers – Does you company need to facilitate infrequent, ad hoc data transfers – either between companies or between the data center and a larger user base such as your sales force? Then, you should look for solutions incorporating Web-based portals for this ad hoc data exchange.

Additionally, Managed File Transfer gives you the ability to meet security, compliance and audit requirements. With regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leachy Bliley Act (GLBA), companies are under greater pressure to meet strict mandates. A Managed File Transfer solution should help you streamline the audit process by providing a central point for all audit information.

Through the automation of your file transfer infrastructure, you gain these benefits and more, including cost savings and reduced risk. As a final thought: You also don’t end up in the news. Stories of data breaches and the organizations that have to report them are picked up by major media outlets on a daily and increasing basis.

Is FTP/sFTP doing all this for you? More importantly, can you risk it?


Send Big Files & Communicate Securely for Free!

23 12 2009

Ever since the launch of Scribbos at our annual conference, Innovation in Amsterdam, the team has been hard at work working with our customers and their business partners.  So what have we been up to?  We launched a successful campaign to support the Susan G. Komen foundation, we’ve delivered 3 new versions of the SaaS platform with new features, we’ve been talking to media about security needs in healthcare, finalized several key partnerships and our MFT platform Infitran was recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Visionary for Managed File Transfer.  More or less, we’ve just been having a fun time since the launch of Scribbos.

We’ve definitely been busy and the community of users grows bigger every day.    Even though we’ve had this much excitement, we continue to look at ways to improve the service and every month we are bringing new capabilities and customer driven enhancements to the platform.  When working with our customers, we have identified a need for our customers who only send a few messages and files a month to better support our current user community.  To that end, a new slimmed down free version has been launched to accommodate users who need to send large files quickly and communicate with all of our customers easily.

This new offering isn’t just to benefit our existing users.   This new option is available for anyone, including users who aren’t using Scribbos with our customers and provides access to our secure communications offering to a whole new community of users who may not be using secure solutions for large files and messages.   After working with our customers who were previously using other free services for sending files, it became apparent that other services don’t encrypt your data at rest or provide the tracking capabilities to ensure your file was received by the intended recipients which is an issue for everyone who sends confidential information.

When Would You Need to Use a Secure Messaging Service?

The simple answer is anytime you need to keep the information you are sending confidential and when you need to ensure they received the message or file.  Many users of Scribbos today leverage the platform for sending big files which can’t be sent through email or they need to move sensitive information for their business such as healthcare plan enrollments for new employees, tax information to your CPA or other regulated information such as that covered by HIPAA or PCI information.

Scribbos for Free provides the same level of security and auditing as our other plans with some usage limits.  Scribbos leverages SSL encryption of the session and encrypts all your data at rest within our secure cloud platform which is not the case from many providers who you may send files with today for free.   If you need to send files bigger than 200MB or need more than 25 messages a month, Scribbos provides other upgraded options for your use which include the following capabilities:

  • Company and Detailed Usage Reporting for all your users
  • The ability to send files up to 2GB through your browser
  • Managed users and recipients
  • Group Management and Reporting for Internal Departments chargebacks
  • Ability to export all the auditing and reporting information for internal analysis and long term retention
  • Block Domains to ensure no information is sent to unauthorized users/receivers
  • Customize your Messages and Notifications for your Company’s needs
  • Custom message signatures
  • Detailed message tracking

To find out all the options, features and plans for your business to securely send information you can look at our plan chart.  Enjoy the holidays!