The Year in Review: Improving workload, governance and data exchange

31 12 2009

Stonebranch has had another great year thanks to our customers and employees.  With ongoing improvements to our workload agents, our enterprise MFT capabilities and the launch of Scribbos which extends our capabilities of Infitran this has been a great year at Stonebranch.  Not in any particular order, here are some of our accomplishments this year:

I’m sure I missed something with all the things we did this year, but if we can do just half as much next year as we did this year it’s going be another great year in 2010 for our customers and employees.  Here’s to a great 2010, cheers!


A New Mainframe is a wonderful thing

18 11 2009

We just installed our latest development mainframe and it is over 1 ton and about the coolest looking machine I’ve seen in a while.

photo.jpg by you.

This new system Z10 keeps us in lock step for our workload automation and managed file transfer customers who continue to leverage the power and capabilities of the mainframe.  Not only am I excited about it, the development team is just chomping at the bit to start building our products to support the latest and greatest.