Migrating to a New MFT Solution: It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful!

9 04 2010

The importance and reliance upon Managed File Transfer solutions within organizations is growing at an extraordinary pace. A large number of companies are moving away from expensive incumbent file transfer solutions. Additionally, FTP/SFTP users are looking to implement a more secure and robust file transfer solution that offers them guaranteed delivery of their files.

Ultimately, that means these companies will be looking at a migration process for their new Managed File Transfer solution. The very word, “migration,” strikes fear in many an IT department.

Fortunately, with the proper analysis and evaluation of your existing file transfer infrastructure, you can avoid a time-consuming, risky or expensive migration process. Any Managed File Transfer vendor should be able to tell you up front how long the migration with take, how much it will cost and when you will see your return on investment.  For a seamless integration into your file transfer infrastructure, you need:

  • An immediate overview on all migration costs
  • An analysis of when a migration to your chosen Managed File Transfer solution will provide you with R.O.I.
  • No interruption to your running IT production
  • Very low impact on cost, time and personnel
  • Fast implementation and deployment

The analysis and evaluation of your existing file transfer environment is of critical importance during a migration. A detailed road map of the migration process should be provided to you to ensure the process covers all areas:

  • Migration
  • Services
  • Production
  • Abends
  • Maintenance

Addressing all of these issues can lead to seamless migration to your new Managed File Transfer solution, allowing to replace your existing file transfer solutions very quickly. Additionally, you should look for a Managed File Transfer vendor that offers consulting services to determine the needs for your particular file transfer environment and offers a full array of educational and technical services to ensure your future success.  The word “success” offers a happier expression!