Efficiency and Growth with B2B Communications

6 05 2010

Efficiency and growth are key concerns to businesses in a global market. A B2B solution’s flexibility should allow you to easily integrate with back-end systems like EDI translators and databases, or application to application – migrating those legacy systems into a secure and automated file transfer system. A true B2B file transfer solution provides real-time visibility to all transfers and data exchanges taking place – creating greater efficiency and resulting in avoidance of fines due to SLAs, payment delays and performance gaps.

Growth is easy when you can on-board new partners quickly and securely. You can provide your partners with tools that make it easier for them to do business with you. In a business environment that is full of mergers and acquisitions and technology consolidations, data management is critical. The need  for an easy and manageable way to keep control becomes more and more apparent. Managed File Transfer is one of the easiest ways to get your data under control, ensuring it’s secure while in transit – every  step of the way.

B2B Managed File Transfer provides security at the highest level while also providing visibility to transactions. Meet necessary compliance and regulatory standards, manage your data exchanges with 100 percent up-time, merge disparate systems to create a seamless flow of information and position your enterprise for growth. Additionally, B2B MFT allows you to manage your data exchanges through secure, multi-industry protocols. This increased security also resolves ad hoc communication issues, including large files or attachments containing sensitive information.


The Year in Review: Improving workload, governance and data exchange

31 12 2009

Stonebranch has had another great year thanks to our customers and employees.  With ongoing improvements to our workload agents, our enterprise MFT capabilities and the launch of Scribbos which extends our capabilities of Infitran this has been a great year at Stonebranch.  Not in any particular order, here are some of our accomplishments this year:

I’m sure I missed something with all the things we did this year, but if we can do just half as much next year as we did this year it’s going be another great year in 2010 for our customers and employees.  Here’s to a great 2010, cheers!