Are you managing your communications risk and compliance?

4 01 2010

Compliance, governance and enforcement aren’t just latest buzzwords for IT leaders, it’s a business requirement.  Users need options which allow for secure communication and data exchange and will leverage online tools which represent increased risk and provide no governance or management capabilities.  Users are going to do what they need to do to get their jobs done – whether it’s setting up a rouge FTP server on their desktop or using gmail to send files too big for email, each of these present opportunity for a data breach and limit the control of your intellectual property for your business.  Below is a presentation which provides an overview of the some common compliance requirements and the potential impact of a data breach for your business.


How are you sending and recieving confidential Information?

12 12 2009

Fax, couriers and FTP appear to be common ways to send sensitive information. This 2009 benchmark study shows that you have plenty of opportunities to improve service levels, reduce costs and improve your company’s impact on the environment. Time to stop faxing and delaying business due to long cycle times for expedited mail or courier services. For the cost of 1 overnight package you can improve your business agility and security with just a few clicks.