Disparate Job Schedulers: Limited Visiblity and Higher Costs

30 03 2010

Many IT organizations are faced with the complexity of managing a multiple Job Scheduling environment. This disparate infrastructure is caused by many factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Acquisitions
  • Departmental purchasing
  • One-off fixes
  • Built-in application capabilities
  • Lack of management mandate

Because of this heterogeneous job scheduling environment, many IT departments only manage a view of operations based on what is defined in their separate scheduling databases. Therefore, business and IT only see a partial technology view and not an end-to-end view of the information the business needs to operate competitively.  This issue is compounded by the need of the business to maximize the use of newer Web technologies while continuing to process its other workload based on more established technologies.

Undoubtedly, in the current economic climate, one of the most significant issues with a multiple scheduler environment is a higher operational cost. So what’s the solution to minimize cost, risk and disruption to your current production environment?  A vendor/product/platform-independent scheduling agent is a solution that works as a standard agent for multiple scheduling systems.  With a standard agent, IT can minimize the cost and risk associated with maintaining scheduling agents while avoiding vendor-lock in, both price and functionality-wise.

One scheduling agent for all disparate systems

Moreover, a technology-independent scheduling solution that can integrate with your file transfer infrastructure provides true end-to-end visibility for business operations.


The Year in Review: Improving workload, governance and data exchange

31 12 2009

Stonebranch has had another great year thanks to our customers and employees.  With ongoing improvements to our workload agents, our enterprise MFT capabilities and the launch of Scribbos which extends our capabilities of Infitran this has been a great year at Stonebranch.  Not in any particular order, here are some of our accomplishments this year:

I’m sure I missed something with all the things we did this year, but if we can do just half as much next year as we did this year it’s going be another great year in 2010 for our customers and employees.  Here’s to a great 2010, cheers!